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Catalyst Conversations
Experience the arts through a new lens.

Catalyst Conversations

Catalyst Conversations is a series of casual discussions – some playful, some serious, but all engaging and thought-provoking – in A&E’s Catalyst Innovation Lab, a “living room for the arts” on the ground floor of the Centene Center for the Arts.

Each conversation features people who are using their talents and unique experiences to inspire, connect and shape new perspectives. Food, drink and networking is part of each discussion.

Join us February 13 for A Night of Improvised Love Songs with songwriter and composer Adam Maness, poet Jason Vasser-Elong and hosted by stand-up comedian and podcast host Mollie Amburgey.


Upcoming Events

Catalyst Conversations: A Night of Improvised Love Songs

February 13, 2019

Centene Center for the Arts

Mozart and Brahms

February 10, 2019

Powell Hall

Centene Center for the Arts

The Centene Center for the Arts is a dynamic, vibrant arts incubator owned and operated by the Arts and Education Council and strategically located in the Grand Center Arts District. Through a leadership gift from the Centene Charitable Foundation, A&E's arts incubator fosters a community of growth for St. Louis arts organizations by offering facilities and services they need - from below-market rate office spaces to free rehearsal and event spaces to collaborative spaces for idea-sharing.

About A&E's arts incubator

Catalyst Lab in use