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A+E has a new address

The Arts and Education Council has a new address!

May 30, 2023

Earlier this year the Board of the Arts and Education Council agreed unanimously to sell the Centene Center for the Arts building at 3547 Olive Street in the heart of St. Louis’ Grand Center Arts District.  The sale is now complete.

This was not an easy decision as this beautiful beaux-arts building has served as the home for A+E and dozens of arts organizations for two decades.  However, a great deal of change has occurred during that time.  What was once a unique beacon of potential is now part of a larger, vibrant arts ecosystem with many more arts organizations, foundations and businesses developed in and around the Grand Center Arts District.

The financial sustainability of the Olive building also changed as several arts organizations that occupied the building moved out during the pandemic - a pattern similar to what has happened in the commercial real-estate market.  And, corporate investment in the arts continued to decline - also following a larger national trend.  By selling the building, A+E can focus more energy and resources directly to the arts organizations and educators across the St. Louis region.

With help from our long-time partner the Kranzberg Arts Foundation (KAF), all of the 15 arts tenants found new homes - including A+E.  Many will continue to operate in the Grand Center in buildings operated by KAF.  It is yet another reminder how fortunate the St. Louis region is to have visionary leaders like Ken and Nancy Kranzberg who are doing so much to affirm St. Louis’ position as a national and global leader in the arts.

A+E has now moved into another beautiful and historic building in the Grand Center district at the Barnett on Washington.  New mailing address:

The Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis

3207 Washington Avenue

St. Louis, MO 63103

With the building sold, the board has shifted focus to planning for the future.  In the coming weeks A+E will engage our grantees, funding partners and other stakeholders to inform our plans - to build new bridges, new partnerships and new ways to ensure the vibrancy and inclusivity of our arts ecosystem.

Thank you to everyone who continues their support of the arts across our region and please consider making a donation to A+E today.


Chris Dornfeld

Board Chairperson

Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis