Barbara C. Jordan Elementary in University City was one of 13 schools named recipients of a grant from The Art and Education Council’s (A&E) Maritz Arts and Education Fund for Teachers. With the grant, Emily Puls taught printmaking to her second-grade students through the Printing Nature project.

Nearly 60 students collected a variety of leaves and used them to create an art project that demonstrated their understanding of plant structure.

“They couldn’t believe the amazing results of their leaf prints. Students enjoyed pulling their paper off the gelli plates and revealing something different every time. Students got a great sense of satisfaction from this project,” Puls shared.  

This project broadened the students’ artistic horizons but also allowed for them to build cross- curricular knowledge. Using a leaf allowed students hands-on experiences that helped build scientific knowledge in an innovative way. They made several prints with the leaves looking at the texture especially noticing the smooth and textured sides of the leaves. During a demonstration, one student shared excitedly that the print looked like a fossil when Puls revealed the print on the paper.

Students also wrote statements about their artwork, adding a writing component to the project. Students enjoyed the project and were also able to use the arts to develop their skills in science and writing promoting cross-curricular learning.

In addition to the Printing Nature project, Emily Puls will be able to use some of the supplies to continue to expand her curriculum at Barbara C. Jordan where she teaches more than 300 students.

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