The International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum, (IPHF) located in the Grand Center Arts District, is home to over 6,000 historical cameras and 30,000 images.  Their programming ranges from exhibitions to lectures and workshops – and starting this June, a photography workshop series for students.

Kids with Cameras Summer Program: With Ed Crim is sponsored in part by a PNC Project grant from the Arts and Education Council. The impetus for the program was simple - students were coming in asking about photography and how to get better. IPHF saw this program as an opportunity to reach younger audiences with their programming and introduce them to photography.

For four Tuesdays in June, Edward Crim, professional photographer, photo educator and St. Louis Photography Club president, will teach students interested in learning photography and gaining a new perspective – both literally and figuratively.

“Kids have a story to tell and they can tell that story with photographs,” says IPHF executive director Patty Wente. “[In this program], they can express themselves through the art of photography. “

The four-week summer program costs $100. Scholarships are available from IPHF.

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