As conversations about race and religion dominate the local and national discourse, Arts & Faith St. Louis (an A&E grantee) seeks to find points of connections and focus on commonalities – rather than differences - with The Cave Project, which includes a concert at John Burroughs School March 11-12 (ARTS Card members receive a discount!) and free complementary programming throughout St. Louis. 

The concert at the core of The Cave Project is a presentation of Beryl Korot and Steve Reich's The Cave, which explores the importance of Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael from Muslim, Jewish, and secular perspectives. The goal of the project is to promote interfaith and interculture understanding and goodwill.

Mont Levy, Arts & Faith St. Louis's chair of The Cave Project, originally saw The Cave in a museum installation in New York in 1993. Twenty-four years later, he says, the message is just as timely now as it was then.

“As relevant as the issues were in 1993, they are issues that are now imperative for us to be considering in our community and provide an opportunity to think about how we can bring people together, how can we find commonality when the divisions in our country and around the worldare so apparent," Levy said. "The opportunity to bring the community together around a positive narrative is important, more important now than ever.”

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