This month, Jenisha McDonald joins the Arts and Education Council (A&E) as the 2019 Katherine Dunham Fellow. McDonald is a junior studying business administration at University of Missouri-St. Louis and currently works at The Fabulous Fox Theatre. Through her paid fellowship at A&E, McDonald will work within each department to learn the ins and outs of arts administration. We sat down with McDonald to learn about her pathway into the arts and what she hopes to learn this semester.

How did you become interested in the arts?

I’ve always liked writing. I started getting into playwriting and I’ve actually had the opportunity to do some plays at my church with the kids. This is something I want to share with other people. I’m a big daydreamer and I have all these stories and ideas in my mind. I would love to be able to put something together and have people act out the stories I have whether they’re fiction or nonfiction.

How did you decide to study business if you’re interested in the arts?

I realized that a lot goes into the behind the scenes of being able to put a play on a stage. I would love to get behind there and make that solid foundation so people can bring their shows to a venue or we can put together events where people can come together. Business is the way to do it and I can help other people do what I love.

What are you hoping to get out of your fellowship experience?

I want to learn everything, honestly. Working at the Fox, we are a for profit and we are a venue so it’s a very different side [of the arts] than the Arts and Education Council. I’m excited, but I’m really humble because I feel like they could choose anyone and they chose me — so if they believe in me, I can exceed the expectations.

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