"I did theater because all of my friends were doing it in high school and I was terrible. I would be told later by a high school friend who saw me in a college show, “That was really good - you were not good in high school at all, I’m really impressed!” And that was all they could say all night. That’s where it started. For me it was all fun and meeting people when I was younger, and then in college I met my mentor, Randy Kaplan, and she cast me in a show called ‘Tracers’ about soldiers in Vietnam. We worked with two vets, one from Vietnam and one who served in Kosovo, and having soldiers who actually served come see the show and tell us that’s what it was, was when I realized that theater isn’t just fun, you can actually affect people. It isn’t just about being with your friends and goofing off. From that point on I knew this was what I wanted to do."

Chris LaBanca - actor, director, and executive creative council for Solid Lines Productions