“I painted one of these ceramic tiles and then I took it outside to spray it with a varnish.  I had several, and as I was carrying them outside I was thinking that I needed to be careful so I didn’t drop them.  Of course one of them dropped and it shattered.  In the past I would have been really mad at myself … but as soon as it shattered, there was a piece that fell on the step below that was still fairly big, and the thought that came to me was that even when the world is broken you can still find beauty in it.”

“I like being idealistic because often times I find out it’s true.  I really believe that when people are in touch with their creativity - whether they’re professional artists or not - I think that they’re better people just having some form of creative expression.  They’re happier, they’re more fulfilled, and when people are more fulfilled they tend to be better and kinder to others.  I would like to be able to offer that to people.”

-Laurel Clark

Artist, writer, creativity coach, teacher, interfaith minister

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