David P. Weiss will be the first to tell you that he is not an artist, but he recognizes the value of art. In September 2018, Weiss made a planned gift to the Arts and Education Council to ensure future generations can appreciate its value as well. Weiss shared that establishing the gift was important to him because, “A&E supports multiple arts organizations as opposed to a single organization. It addresses all art.”

Regarding the artwork on buildings he sees near his downtown law office, he said, “Those are the kinds of things that make you smile. They take the edge off the day. Everyone can enjoy that.”

His planned gift will create a public art fund managed by the Arts and Education Council. The fund will allow more St. Louisans to experience art in their community. Weiss pointed out that many people in St. Louis might not have the opportunity to experience art due to cost restrictions. By investing in public art, Weiss hopes to “invigorate our youth, give some joy to the adults and maybe open up their eyes to what they can do and make St. Louis a better place.”

He added, “The reward is knowing you’ve left a legacy that will be enjoyed not just by the few, but by many for years to come.”

For more information about planned giving to the Arts and Education Council, click here.