When you give $50 or more to the Arts and Education Council, you get an ARTS Card that opens doors to discounts on arts events throughout the year and makes our community - and your art experiences - more vibrant.

Plus, as you begin your holiday shopping, you can gift an ARTS Card to someone who loves the arts as much as you.

1. You can try something new.

Maybe it’s new to the region or just new to you, but the ARTS Card is a great opportunity to see art you’ve never seen before. Take a short drive across one of the 16 counties we serve in the St. Louis metro area and experience art in a new venue while expanding your geographic horizons. Who knows, you might realize you love opera or film or dance, you just haven’t tried it before. View upcoming events here or have them delivered right to your inbox here.

2. You can see more art without breaking the bank.

Your ARTS Card helps you see more art at a price you can afford. Enjoy deals on arts events throughout the year at a variety of venues. Our partners offer discounts on everything from performances to classes to summer camps. There’s something for everyone to enjoy while you save up to 50% off. The calendar listings give you the details about how to purchase tickets and access those great deals with promo codes delivered directly to your inbox. You’ll be able to see more art, more often with your ARTS Card.

3. You can keep art happening.

Your ARTS Card supports more than 70 arts organizations and millions of individuals in our region. You keep art happening in our classrooms like at Mason Elementary School and Bayless Elementary School. You support talented young people like Jenisha McDonald, the Arts and Education Council’s spring 2019 Kathrine Dunham Fellow. You help countless others like Maria Ellis discover that it’s never too late to reignite their passions. With your ARTS Card, you can impact the lives of individuals and your community, changing both for the better.

Don’t have an ARTS Card? Donate today to get an ARTS Card and keep art happening.

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In addition to the ARTS Card, you’ll also receive a subscription to the Happenings magazine and a subscription to our weekly e-newsletter, highlighting ARTS Card deals throughout the year.