The Arts and Education Council commits to championing policies and practices of inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility that support a full, creative life for all. We strive to be an organization that everyone sees themselves a part of. 

Objective: To ensure all of the Arts and Education Council's policies, practices, processes and strategic direction are aligned with the IDEA Blueprint and the Elements of a Vibrant Community.

The Arts and Education Council's IDEA Blueprint

Diversity of Art Form 

The Arts and Education Council seeks to support a wide variety of arts and cultural organizations that present art through Dance, Visual Arts, Theater, Performing Arts, Music, Literature as well as organizations that present several arts forms in a multi-disciplinary manner. Within the Diversity of Art Form, the Arts and Education Council expects that funded institutions demonstrate diversity in their artistic presentations, organizations and artist selection. We acknowledge that organizations may not achieve results across all dimensions. Demonstrating progress and consideration will be important to receiving funding from Arts and Education Council. 

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Diversity of Artistic Expression

Diversity of Organization

The Arts and Education Council wants to ensure that the IDEA Blueprint is taken into consideration in the planning of artistic seasons, collaborations and arts education programs. Organizations should take into consideration the source and origin of material and the diversity of the author, playwright, composer, choreographer. In addition, consideration should be given to casting for artists and hiring of technical crew, directors, producers, box office personnel, sound and lighting directors, costumers, and any other related positions.

The Arts and Education Council believes that equity can only be achieved within the arts sector when organizations look like the communities and people they serve. Generalizations that are made about who attends arts performances and gatherings limits audience building and accessibility which, in turn, limits artistic and organizational diversity. Within an organization, diversity of staff in leadership roles (department heads, CEO), artistic roles (artistic director); the board of directors, vendors, contractors, and any positions should be examined.

IDEA Blueprint Definitions and Examples that Guide Our Thinking

IDEA Definitions

Applying the IDEA Blueprint to grantees and stakeholders within the Elements of a Vibrant Community

Applying IDEA


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