A women’s leadership giving society inspired by the power of the arts to shape a more vibrant community for all.

Muses believe in the power of the arts to inspire and connect us all. Through invitation-only gatherings, the Arts and Education Council’s Muse Society gains access to unique experiences with the artists and organizations directly impacted by our programs and services.

Giving Levels

  • $10,000 Calliope
  • $5,000 Clio
  • $2,000 Thalia
  • $1,000 Erato

Founding members will have the opportunity to shape the group and your gatherings and recruit additional Muses. 

Become a founding member of Muse Society today. 

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Founding members

  • Susan S. Block
  • Sara B. Burke
  • Sheila A. Burkett
  • Barbara Bushman-Goodman
  • Adrienne D. Davis
  • Danae L. Domian
  • Kimberley A. Eberlein
  • Laura B. Ellenhorn
  • Margretta Forrester
  • Kate J. Francis
  • Margaret Franz
  • Julie M. Grant
  • Marcela M. Hawn
  • Sandy Heuser
  • Cary D. Hobbs
  • Sally C. Johnston
  • Nancy Kranzberg
  • Linda J. Lee
  • Yvi Martin
  • Kimberly R. McBride
  • Lisa Melandri
  • Merry L. Mosbacher
  • Joelle M. Myszka
  • Janet W. Newcomb
  • Marian Nunn
  • Vanessa Okwuraiwe
  • Penelope Pennington
  • Elizabeth S. Powitzky
  • Susan C. Prichard
  • Cynthia A. Prost
  • Glenn J. Sheffield*
  • Patricia Smith Thurman
  • Susan A. Stith
  • Caren A. Vredenburgh
  • Kate Warne
  • Laura Washburn

Members as of December 31, 2018