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Your financial support for A&E enriches our community as a whole, influences academic achievement, drives economic prosperity and improves people’s overall health and well-being. In fact, few organizations offer the kind of return on your charitable investment that A&E does. 

Your gift to A&E grows into millions of art experiences, making a vibrant community for all!


As the region’s only privately supported United Arts Fund, A&E multiplies the power of your generous gift by combining it with other gifts to create impactful grants to nearly 100 arts organizations throughout over 20 counties in the bi-state region. Those organizations, in turn, create thousands of outstanding arts and educational opportunities that impact nearly two million people each year. 

Your gift to A&E will strengthen the creativity, innovation and diversity necessary for a healthy growing region where people love to live, work, learn and play.

Individual Giving

Gifts from individuals enable the Arts and Education Council to continue support of nearly 100 organizations that enrich our cultural community.

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Institutional Giving

Companies, organizations, and other institutions can support the Arts and Education Council through Workplace Giving Campaigns, sponsoring the St. Louis Arts Awards, corporate gifts, named opportunities and other initiatives.

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Back a crowdfunding project

The Arts and Education Council's crowdfunding platform is an easy and fun way to give to projects you believe in.

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Consider donating your time and talent to the arts in the Greater St. Louis region.

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Dedicate A Gift

Dedicate your gift to the Arts and Education Council in honor or in tribute of someone for a birthday, holiday or in memory.

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Plan For The Future

There are many ways to provide a future gift to the Arts and Education Council through your financial or estate plans to ensure our region's arts and cultural legacy will thrive for generations to come.

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Your gift to A&E grows into millions of art experiences, making a vibrant community for people of all ages. Join us to keep art happening!

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