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“Descriptive audio brings performances alive for me, painting a picture in my mind.” Stephen Kissel, MindsEye


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This campaign is being matched by Lighthouse for the Blind – St. Louis

Bring Performances Alive for the Blind

You watch as Cinderella runs away, leaving her slipper behind. You see Captain von Trapp rip a Nazi flag from his window. You watch Elphaba “defy gravity.” – But what if you can’t see these things happen?

When you’re blind, “seeing the show” is a little bit different. You need something called audio description. With audio description, you put on a headset and the stage comes alive. You “see the show” though the eyes of an audio describer. Because of that headset, you miss nothing.

Can you imagine giving that gift to someone?

MindsEye Radio, a broadcast reading service for people who are blind, is bringing headsets and audio describers to every St. Louisan who needs them.

With a trained group of audio describers waiting, all that’s left is the headset and transmission equipment. Lighthouse for the Blind has already generously awarded this project a matching grant. This campaign goal is the remaining amount necessary to purchase that equipment.

Please “bring performances alive” today.

Lighthouse for the Blind - St. LouisLighthouse for the Blind – St. Louis has awarded MindsEye with a matching grant for up to $10,000. This means that every dollar donated will be doubled to help bring the arts to everyone in St. Louis. Your gift gives twice as much!