Operating Support Grants provide ongoing, general operating support to organizations whose programming supports the goals of the Arts and Education Council's Elements of a Vibrant Community.

Applications for 2020/2021 Operating Support Grants are closed. Please refer to the dates below for additional updates. Applications are by invitation only. If you wish to be considered for an invitation to apply, please contact Cynthia P. Davis, director of grants and programs.

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Key Dates

Information Workshops Application Open Application Due Funding Notification
March 13 March 16 April 24 at 3:00 p.m. June 5

Funding Categories

The Operating Support Grant program has three funding categories:

  • Operating Support Level I - organizational operating budgets of $3 million and up
  • Operating Support Level II - organizational operating budgets of $1 million to $2,999,999
  • Operating Support Level III - organizational operating budgets of $500,000 to $999,999

Elements of a Vibrant Community

The Arts and Education Council believes that a region rich with arts and cultural experiences is critical to creating and sustaining vibrant communities. We all have a role to play in fostering a vibrant, connected community for all. By supporting a wide variety of art forms and providing strategic leadership for the arts in the broader community, the Arts and Education Council creates an environment where the growing impact of the arts is felt and celebrated by the entire community. The Elements of a Vibrant Community provide a focus for the Arts and Education Council's community investments and strategic program initiatives for the next five years.

A&E's Elements of a Vibrant Community

Elements of a Vibrant Community Goals

  1. Build Creativity and Innovation. Leverage the power of arts and culture to attract and sustain talent, visitors and businesses to the region.
  2. Energize Communities and Forge Connections (Deepen Roots in the Region). To deepen feelings of engagement and connection of residents to neighborhoods by widening participation in local arts experiences.
  3. Inspire Kids and Engage Minds. To promote the development of 21st century skills by ensuring that all children in the region, particularly those in underserved school districts, have access to multiple arts opportunities.
  4. Build Bridges Between Cultures. To promote cross cultural understanding by increasing the availability and accessibility of arts experiences that include and represent all races and ethnicities.
  5. Enrich Lives - Play and Joy. To deepen feelings of joy and connection to the community by widening participation in arts experiences.

For questions regarding Operating Support Grants, please conctact Cynthia P. Davis, director of grants and programs, via email or by phone at 314.289.4007.

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