PNC Program Grants, underwritten by the PNC Foundation, provide merit-based grants to organizations in the St. Louis bi-state area providing arts and arts education programs that address community needs. Grant amounts available range from $2,500 to $5,000.



Applications for the 2021/2022 PNC Program Grant are now closed.

Please check back for 2022 updates

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Elements of a Vibrant Community

The Arts and Education Council believes that a region rich with arts and cultural experiences is critical to creating and sustaining vibrant communities. We all have a role to play in fostering a vibrant, connected community for all. By supporting a wide variety of art forms and providing strategic leadership for the arts in the broader community, the Arts and Education Council creates an environment where the growing impact and ripple effect of the arts is felt and celebrated by the entire community. The Elements of a Vibrant Community provide a focus for the Arts and Education Council's community investments and strategic program initiatives for the next five years.

Elements of a Vibrant Community graphic

Elements of a Vibrant Community Goals

  1. Foster Innovation and Creativity by leveraging the power of the arts and culture to attract and sustain a diversity of talent, visitors, and businesses to the region.
  2. Energize Communities; Forge Connections by enhancing the vibrancy, authentic connection, and intentional engagement of diverse communities through participation in the arts.
  3. Inspire Youth and Engage Minds by transforming education both by improving learning of core curriculum and teaching artistic skills like creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking.
  4. Build Bridges Between Cultures by promoting cross cultural understanding and increasing availability and accessibility of arts experiences to individuals of all backgrounds, economic status, and identities.
  5. Enrich Lives; Increase Fun by encouraging participation and expanding accessibility to arts experiences for individuals and communities regardless of background, identity, and economic status.


For questions regarding the PNC Program Grants, please contact Jessiree Jenkins,  grants and programs coordinator, via email or by phone at 314.289.4015.

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